Friday, 14 April 2017

Enable java applications in Firefox 52 and above

I was trying to use Phylowidget (, which is a great tool to edit phylogenetic trees (i.e. regrafting branches to other branches):

The problem is it doesn't seem to work anymore!

Why? Simply because Firefox 52 now blocks every plugins except Flash:

Here is a solution to allow Firefox to use others plugins than Flash:

1) Go to main menu Apple -> System Preferences, then Java (very bottom).
Then go to Security panel, and add the url to the Exception Site list.
Here is my parameters:

2) In the Firefox title bar, write:
=> select: I accept the risk!

3) To the very right of the list, do right-click and select:

Then write: plugin.load_flash_only

And set it to "false".

4) Restart Firefox and finally go again to Phylowidget (
Now it should work. And this should be similar step with any other java applet, such Jalview (

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